Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Episode 2: The Death of CDs?

On this episode of Radio Unfriendly, Scott & Steve discuss the impending death of the physical music industry and the Gambler 500.  They also play tunes from Fuss, The Darts, The Roxies, and more!

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Cheerbleederz - "nail biters"

Fuss - "But it's a dry heat"

Pulley - "Golden Life"

The Roxies - "Underdog"

The Darts - "Love Tsunami"

Sad Girlz Club - "I Think I'm Ready"

500 Bucks - "Animal"

Planet Y - "Vi Er Sultne"

Song List:


Fuss - But It’s a Dry Heat

The Darts - Love Tsunami

The Roxies - Underdog

Pulley - The Golden Life

Sad Girlz Club - I Think I’m Ready

Cheerbleederz - Nail Biters

Planet Y - Vi Er Eultne

500 Bucks - Animal

Show Links:

There Is No CD Revival - https://dadadrummer.substack.com/p/there-is-no-cd-revival?s=r 

The Gambler 500 - https://knowhow.napaonline.com/what-is-the-gambler-500/ 

Get Fired on Bandcamp - http://getfired405.bandcamp.com 

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